Jackie Stewart is a tenured faculty member in the educational leadership stream. From 2010-2017, she was the Chemistry departmental director for the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative. She has a B.Sc. degree in honours chemistry, a M.Sc. in wood science, and a Ph.D. in educational psychology.

Jackie-Stewart-Headshot-2011-3Jackie has taught general and organic chemistry at UBC since 2005. In 2011, she began teaching Communicating Science (SCIE 300) and collaborating with the Faculty of Science and UBC Writing Centre to develop the Science Writing Resources for Learning site ( She developed Communicating Chemistry (CHEM 300), which is loosely based on SCIE 300. Together with Meghan Aubé and Eric Jandciu, she founded UBC’s Writing Across the Curriculum+ Program.

Jackie’s research interests span the areas of self-regulated learning, problem solving, and assessment of learning. She is passionate about helping students learn through innovative instructional methods and by motivating them to use research-tested study techniques. Jackie received the UBC Killam Prize for Excellent in Teaching in 2006 and 2010, as well as the UBC Science Undergraduate Society Teaching Excellence Award in 2010.

Former Contributors

profilepicJane Maxwell was a Science Teaching and Learning Fellow (STLF) with the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative from 2013-2017. She completed a PhD in Analytical Chemistry at UBC and postdoctoral work at Harvard before joining the department as an STLF.

Jane worked closely with the Department’s undergraduate courses in analytical chemistry (CHEM 211 and 311). Her research interests include the development of tools to measure learning in analytical chemistry, improved methods for in-class review, and how students’ attitudes towards chemistry and other science disciplines affect their choice of major.

Jane is now a Faculty Development Instructor at Yukon College.

Elizabeth GillisElizabeth Gillis was a Science Teaching and Learning Fellow (STLF) with the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative from 2014-2017. She obtained a PhD in physical chemistry from Memorial University, held a postdoctoral position at Dalhousie, and taught introductory and physical chemistry courses at Acadia before joining UBC as an STLF.

Elizabeth worked with the instructional team leading the third-year integrated lab course (CHEM 315/325/335/345) and CHEM 341: Global Challenges. She is interested in implementing practical and effective instructional strategies that help develop students’ critical thinking abilities.

Elizabeth is now an instructor at Acadia University.